HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Fri, 27 May 2022 15:27:51 GMT Server: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) PHP/5.4.16 X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.16 Connection: close Transfer-Encoding: chunked Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 209e Ms43 tune. TUNE IN! Tell us your name, email address and vehicle to receive special offers for parts, tools, and industry-leading content. E60/E61 M5 & E63/E64 M6 (MSS65) Binary Modification Tool Released. He has done epic stuff with the GT35 on his E46. Do not, under no circumstances, upload any copyrighted tuning Stage 1 tune with a power increase of +10HP and +28NM 192HP -> 202HP (2. Performance Tune (Send us your setup). Put “+12V” and “-” to your black (2 pins) socket connected to Galletto. probable ews non start issue zroadster org. Connect K-line from white (2pins) socket to ECU. Tags: None. Remapped BMW E36 323i Siemens MS41 ECU. 0L. 6mmm stroke, new connecting rods which are 135 mm long and Bee Cameron. Download link. Either construct your own fuel pump relay setup from the original E30 unit, or use a relay with pigtail removed from a native MS43 car. REMOTE TUNE (MS41) from 180. 53 Idle Speed Actuator. (MS43 equipped M54. Now, from what I've been able to learn online, we need the following to successfully switch from MS45. 1 M52 swap is not quite behaving properly and after a bunch of troubleshooting I'm leaning towards an issue with the DME. We can tailor this to your vehicle though and have seen upto 253bhp. Post subject: Help with 2nd tune attempt 05 ADM WRX. 0L Catch Can - Catch Can. ECUWorx 12th April 2020. I'll be courious as to what he can gain MS42 is a cheaper ECU. Add to cart Benchflash ECU Tuning Harness Kit for MS42 MS43 MS45 ME7 Siemens MS43 TunerPro xdf file BMW M54B**. I may see if smolck is down for some "side-by-side dyno" runs. 99 Fix your EWS issues with this ECU. Tune, VMAX off, 7000 rpm. The above figures are based on a totally standard vehicle with no other modifications. 1999-03. We will give you an accurate quote and advice on the repair process. 1 to MS43: MS43 ECU. ) This patch doubles the mass air flow capability of the MS43 to 2048kg/h. 5L v6 engine: IS250 2006+ models. Removing SAP & associated parts saves weight, improves look, and reduces complexity (SES/CEL delete). 1 - MS42 - MS43 - MS45. E36/7 E36/8 MZ3, M Coupe. 2sec @ 1/4 mile full weight Is your” 09. I am trying to delete a burble tune that was previously put a ms43 dme by the old owner. 1M Coupe, 135i & 335i (n54) tuning. BMW M54 OEM Thermostat. x ECU (Standard for M52TU engines), we can also supply an RS4 MAF sensor conversion kit in place of the DET3+. Don t start the engine! 8. 99. However I was wrong and the burbles still stay no matter if I flash with MS4x pops on ms43 ecu. ECUWorx are pleased to annouce that the first release of the E6x M5 / M6 Binary Modification Tool is complete. Net ECU Files & Pinout, Airbag Files, IMMO Stuff & Radio Decode and usefull information for automotive Re: MS43 Alpha/n? Look at the 16x16 map at 7A738, this looks like load simulation in absence of MAF signal. iv Safety Information Important Safety Instructions Safety messages contain th ree different type styles. This auction is for a Remapped ECU for BMW E46 330i MY 2000 > 2006. Mail us your DME. This KWP2000 Plus ECU flasher and a laptop computer are all you need to turn If you’re running a Siemens MS43 ECU (Standard for most M54 engines), we can also supply a MAP sensor conversion kit in place of the DET3+. This needs to be researched. Siemens MS42 42000416180 5WK9037 01100C6010000 ECU tuning files Here you can find ECU type, hardware number, software number and information about a number of available services for your BMW E46 328i If you are looking E36 TUNE This is our tried and tested tune for all OBD2 M52 and S52 engines. so be careful and tune the ip_maf_1_diag__n__tps_av table very carefully before applying this patch since this table Siemens MS41, MS42, MS43, MS45 ECU OTS TuneSuitable for: E36 E46 330i 328i 325i 320i / E39 523i 528i 530i / E53 X5 M54B30 SINGLE and DOUBLE VANOS enginePower Increase up to: 241 HP 315 Nm for M54B30 201HP and 260 Nm for M54B25 engine Get your files in only 4 simple steps! STEP 1. I don't get it. 86 Likes, 3 Comments - Gelashvili Performance (@geptuned) on Instagram: “GEP Remote tuned e36 in Romania M54 stroker, ms43 ecu. The BMW M54 is a naturally aspirated straight-6 petrol engine produced from 2000 to Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW ms43 Tuned EWS Delete plug and play at the best online prices at eBay! E46 325/330i/Ci/iT/xi (M54 engine, MS43 or MS45 engine management) M/A M54 01-2/03 N 349. re problems after used dme change solved mhh auto. This means that Autohex II is almost able to change the DME ISN, this is a very important feature because we will Part 3: Tune it and rip it! MS43 is plenty powerful to handle boost so you don't need to go standalone. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. The MS43 came on all cars before 03/03 with an M54 motor, like t MS42 / MS43. Turn your car key to position 2. 4. STEP 2. 0025. Ms43 burble tune will not delete. Hello. The Siemens MS43 was originally installed in the BMW E46 325i, 330i, E39 525i, 530i, and E53 X5 3. Learn more. A used MS43 cannot be installed into a vehicle unless it is restored to factory like settings. 4 (zip) MSS60 / BMW MS43 E46 325/330, E39 525/530, E53 X5, E83 X3 – $49. You may find the rpm header at 74B00 (16-bit, Lo-Hi) and the tps header at 75146 (16-bit Lo-Hi) with a constant of 0. The launch of the Wolf 3DV1. 0 420hp to 444hp. EWS/CAS delete tool (unlimited solution) SIEMENS BMW MS42/MS43 module – 150 $. MS42 / MS43. I had over 130 tunes before all was said and done. Latest SP-Daten (data) files for your BMW car. Through custom ECU tuning we are able to provide more usable horsepower and torque outputs by modifying BMW’s cam timing (VANOS), fuel maps, and ignition maps. 25 with. STEP 4. 99-00. A proudly Australian brand, Wolf EMS was founded in the early ’90s by three friends with a shared passion for cars and technology. rar BMW X5 218hp 1037381791. The best performance software available for your M54 being swapped into another chassis. Free postage Free postage Free postage. You do not have the Browse our full software tuning collection below! NOTE: WE DO NOT OFFER SOFTWARE TO DELETE THE CATALYST FROM THE EXHAUST. NEW MS43 Conversion Parts Available from BimmerWorld: Main Engine Wiring Harness - E46 325i/330i (01-2/03 MS43) MS43 engine wiring harness. If you are still running cats, you wouldn't want to put the wideband behind the cat. MS3Pro & Plug-Play Solutions. Prices are for a complete DME ready to go, we offer a $120 core refund for any working flashable MS43 DME returned after purchase (contact us for details) For any non standard requests such as non original injectors or different rev limit requirements, don't Browse our full software tuning collection below! NOTE: WE DO NOT OFFER SOFTWARE TO DELETE THE CATALYST FROM THE EXHAUST. VIEW MORE > WELCOME. Run BMW INPA select your model and dme open the EWS SYNC option and click sync ews when done close all programs and turn off car wait 20 sec. VIEW MORE > MSS52 / MSS54. BIN) to work on. This is an original ECU for a BMW E36 323i. By using this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy. Get it as soon as Thu, May 5. The utility allows to read entire flash memory AM29F400BB of control units Siemens MS42/MS43 in boot mode (see this post, currently in Russian only). and I have a good LAUNCH CONTROL requires MS43, and the car has to have a Manual gearbox. Resonator/Muffler delete recommended. The turbo kit consists of best in class quality parts that are selected to match motorsport expectations. This sub-reddit is dedicated to everything related to BMW vehicles, tuning, racing, and more. This item must be purchased with OUR tuning software and/or comport pro tuning suite. MS4x. Co do sum kontrolnych to najprościej wgrać. We do not support forced induction (FI) or Alpha N configurations at this time. We are selling Plug And Play ECU-s and sending it Bimmerlabs can help with several common tuning issues: EWS deletes for MSS54, MS45 MSS70, & MSV70 (with more coming) DME recovery & cloning. Remote Tuning Available! Home BMW MS42 MS43 E46 E39 Z3 X5 RPM MOTORSPORT TUNE. X5 E53 3. 6. Active Autowerke E46 323,325,328,330 Performance Software ( MS 43) (99-02) $ 399. 2066 • Bold type states how to avoid the hazard. $765. Today I show you how to fully unlock your MS43 ECU or DME to do virtually anything you want. It is a file that stores data in a binary BMW E37 1997>2002. Jaysen's notes: A lot of these parameters are still untested, Ive tried the more common ones ie WOT fuel & Spark, idle BMW S62 NA (VANOS 255cc petrol) - MaxxECU PRO only. VANOS Tweak and Cam Position Timing Advance are to assist with aiding in more mid-range and top JMGarageFlasher – small utility to read MS43/MS42 and BOSCH ME7. x RomRaider ECU masters for BMW Please join us on forum and Hayskill MC43 Carburetor with Repower Tune-Up Kit for Earthquake Ardisam E43 Auger 300486 11334 43CC 51. Chiptuning gasoline and diesel truck. The most popular version among Galletto 1260 users is 1. In BMW E series and Mini cooper you will see a window looks like above, A notable ISN Mode can be seen (ISN Mode: Read / Write), while the read/write ISN is supported in all DMEs in F series. 9. MS43 still uses analog reading for the MAF so a 0-5V signal is expected. 01K subscribers. Maps are the same but they are slightly heztheone. It firstly appeared in BMW production line in 2000 and turned out to be a great alternative to M52TUB25. It is a tuned / remapped version of the original ECU and we can adjust this to suite your mods and needs or if your vehicles is standard. 3, 2. BOSCH BMW ME9 module – 2800 $. 7 EWS • 4 cylinder =1800 RPM • 6 or 12 cylinder =1200 RPM • 8 cylinder =900 RPM The relay contacts will close when the exceeded Hz value drops to 5Hz below the maxi- Supports MS41, MS42, MS43, MS45, MSS52, MSS54, MSS54HP. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) BMW Siemens MS41, MS42 and MS43 Fault codes. MS43, MS45, MSS54 All Tunes available Stage 1, Stage 2, Custom Tunes, DTC Removal & Pops & Bang ( Burble Tune) available. Fried MS42/MS43/MSS54. 1 Siemens MS42 Files. Car is a 2005 ADM WRX Mods 3in TBE High flow Cat Silicone Y pipe Feel free to use this data if you're using a MAF sensor from one of these vehicles or if you're planning to tune for a bigger MAF sensor. The names of all maps and constants have been changed to A2L names for easier disassembly. Will list flash tune options for the following DME models. 2 MB. BOSCH BMW ME7. 1. Technical Specification: MS43 ECU. However the difference between M54B25 and M54B30 is in their displacement. NEW! – MSS65 / BMW E6x M5/M6 Binary Modification & Remap Tool BMW E6x M5/M6 Binary Modification Tool – Build 1. Locate 104 boot pin. However, you can go do a bench unlock and you are free to do whatever you want. Updated VS2015 runtime to update 3 RC. 00 300. U nas w Polsce niestety janusze biznesu robią kasę na czyjejś darmowej pracy. DME ECU Programming: This is the same as when you install the the Windows Operating System in your desktop computer. #11 Engine harness and engine management(MS43) installation and wiring. 2 0110C6. 2 Siemens MS43 Files. RK-Tunes Remove Before Flight Keychain. Finally I finished the XDF for tunerpro for my E46. 72. skristedja BMW M54B25 engine reliability, problems and repair. Limp mode due to high engine temps. Provided and maintained by Jaysen Anderson. 1 - MS42. As for extra power, people claim it adds more "oomph," but I haven't seen any actual true figures. My production date is 4/18/2019, and my DME date is 4/1/2019. ecu-programmer. It will eliminate the post-cat O2 sensors, resulting in the elimination of my SES light due to the headers. M54 E46 GTR Custom Tune, Anti-Lag Huge Flames, More Power! (MS45. The tunein radio app would not work. Collapse. Note: Keep in mind that (for now) we still have a hard engine load limit of 1389mg/stroke. Press and hold the 'm' button for TEN seconds or Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW ms43 Tuned EWS Delete plug and play at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! To tune Motronic 4. 1 ECU. BOSCH BMW EDC16 module – 5000$. Right now, the MS430056 file version has the most maps defined for it as it is the primary file being disassembled/analyzed etc. Qty: Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 0L – $49. MS43 ECU is the required The B-Spec Tune is an off-the-shelf (OTS) E46 M3 MAF-based E-Flash tune that delivers a smooth power band all the way to redline while improving engine performance over stock. SIEMENS BMW MSV70 module – 1700 $. Hi PP, I have an E46 M54B25 325i DME MS43 - one of my keys has been stolen in the theft of another car same keyring so my E46 is now vulnerable to theft. For now I only made one for my car's software version 430055, there are about 5 different versions with 330ci cars 2001-2005. 2 full flash. I figured that if I flashed the v69 ms43 firmware file from MS4x that it would overwrite the current map tune. BMW E53 DME MS43 M54B30 EWS OFF DELETE. Brand: ES#: 4305404. Newbie: Joined: Wed Apr 13, 2022 12:32 pm Posts: 3 Hi, please see attached Log results WOT 3rd gear pull of my second tune attempt. If you have more questions, contact us now: +1(888) 541-6025 After this service is The best performance software available for your E46 325 or 330, or E39 525 or 530. This product is a Genuine BMW supplied Siemens MS43 DME, which has been reflashed with the very latest firmware and has the EWS features (anti-theft) removed. 0 ms43 dme7. We offer this service and to provide TRM MS43 Swap Tune $ 349. Models: Z3 2. RF1 · Registered. a Crackle and pop tune is simply an adjustment to specific ignition timing, fueling and other ECU parameters in order to achieve the desired effect. 00 MS43 Tuned DME (E46 325i/330i + E39 525i/530i Ik the ms43 DMEs have free software to tune with but i was wondering what dme is used for the zhp im afraid itll be the ms45. If you’re running a Siemens MS42. com, N54Tuning. BMW E39 E46 E53 X5 530i 330i 325i M54 M52TU MS43 Tuning $ 0. Contact. Burble tune is known through the BMW community. This is a 1 man team located in Tune: EWS Delete: Vehicle Speed Signal Delete: Top Speed Delete: SAP Delete Rear O2 Delete: Catalytic Converter Delete: Clear: M54 BMW MS43 ECU Tuning quantity. Features include onboard 8 gigabyte data logging (expandable), 2 channel knock ms42 to ms43, Engine control unit (ECU) or Digital motor electronics (DME) failure is a common problem on a 1999 E39 BMW 520i. rar Bmw X3 2. I tried Bootmod3 tune on my 2019 330i G20 (B46), and the BMW app says my DME is LOCKED and requires BENCH UNLOCK. I have a BMW with Siemens MS43 ecu. This version was constructed on base of M52TUB28 motor. From direct-fit, universal, CARB compliant or federal compliant, buy the converter that your vehicle needs at MagnaFlow. Add to cart Benchflash ECU Tuning Harness Kit for MS42 MS43 MS45 ME7 The ESS E-Flash OBD2 programming system allows the end user to upload the ECU tuning software directly to the car from any PC running Windows 7 or newer. Last edited by JRperformance on Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:06 am, edited 1 time in total. Because Epic software is custom and made using only your original file (not a pre-configured file sitting on a shelf) this product applies to all 2001-2006 E46 325i/330i, including both MS43 and MS45 computers. 0D 150cv EDC16C35 0281013050 1037377736 original bdm. This is the most complete tune on the market that completely changes the lazy behaviour of the stock tune. 3. 00$ N4MS4330 91 7000 all E46 330xi (MS43 DME) M/SMG S54 01-06 N 349. PIN 6 PARK SIGNAL. We are doing MS41, MS42, MS43, MS45 tuning worldwide for the best price on market. It is the elder model of M54 engine series which also includes M54B22, M54B25 and S54B32. 463 HP 570NM 07 boost gt3582 328i ms43. SIEMENS BMW MSV80 module – 3000 $. WHO WE ARE? Here at Wellso Tuning, unlocking the hidden potential of your BMW is a hard task. We also have included a Manifold Pressure Below is a list of downloads hosted by ECUWorx, the Binary Modification & Remap Tool will always be available from this page so be sure to grab the latest version from here. However, we have dug through the disassembly of these DMEs and think we know of a way to bypass this just like MS42/MS43. A windows laptop and INPA compatible USB to OBD2 cable are required. 20e4 First though, you have to obtain a tune file (often referred to as a . There are two basic options to accomplish this: 12,427. 7/2003 production is the approximate change from MS43 to the MS45 ECU, but please confirm by visually inspecting the label on your ECU before ordering. The factor for the map values themselves may be 0. 0): Volute spring General module control unit Brake light switch Light switching centre control unit Clutch switch as of 03. The reprogramming process takes an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour. By selecting your BMW model, you can find thousands ECS UNIVERSAL Swivel Exhaust Tips - 3. ECU: MS41. 1 - MS43. Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2022 10:57 am . NEW_SERIAL. Com - How it works. The rev limiter can be The MSPNP2 includes a very impressive feature set allowing you to convert a distributor based engine to distributorless ignition and sequential or semi-sequential fueling! It includes four Peak and Hold fuel injector drivers allowing for use of high-impedance (hi-z) or low-impedance (low-z) injectors. 0D Browse all MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter replacements for your car, truck or SUV. Price The Epic Motorsports Spec E46 Tune is extremely locked down, making diagnostics and troubleshooting difficult on these “modern” electronically controlled engines. Price: $97. Turn the ignition switch to on. Description Reviews (7) Tags: The KWP2000 Plus ECU Flashing Kit (Latest 2016, OBD-II compatible version) lets you improve your car's fuel efficiency, power, responsiveness, and torque, all from your laptop. I tune the oldschool way fear on the passengers face and knuckle colour cant go wrong. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. NOTE: After ordering this product You will need to send us Customized tuning for M54 powered BMWs on Siemens MS43 DME. Siemens MS43 Turbo Base MAP. 🔈💥 Our company is EcuTune. The size of the latest setup package available for download is 7. Buy credits safe with several different payment options. This car is still using a maf, normally I'm using map readings to tune the tables ect, anyway ive found a proper xdf file for me to read the tables. Download "MS43 M54B30 E46 WINKFP" Download video "MS43 M54B30 E46 WINKFP" directly from youtube. Your file has value "04" at that position and depending on Post subject: Help with 2nd tune attempt 05 ADM WRX. 2 module – 350 $. 0L). We will repair the DME within 2-5 days. Software SW-Version Checksum Maps Credits Project type; Abarth: 500: 1. Get up to 30 whp / 15 wtq over baseline tune with 16+ free add-on features. 1 fault codes. I was able to launch it, and it say "connecting", but would never connect. This product comes free with the purchase of some applicable software. On some vehicles unplugging the sensors will trip a cat diag test that you can not shut off, so just zip tie the sensors out of the way and leave them plugged in. bmw. They are going well beyond coding and into altering fuel trim, timing, etc. 5. 2 sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite!. Galletto 1260 CD software Download. Add to cart It's been a while since the last Vid but this is pretty cool stuff. Mfg#: 004735LA02KT. Click to expand Since the EU has different exhaust emissions standards, the monitoring of the catalytic converters is turned off on the EU2 tune. Choose Options. Product. So BimTun BMW Editor is: $199 Software. Download Free | RT. Filter. Performance tune for turbo OBD2 S5x M5x from $ 1,600. 7 V8 SRT8 NA (550cc E85 TorqueFlite A500 autogearbox) Dodge Viper V10 (320cc petrol) - MaxxECU PRO only. DME Options: MS43 - EWS Delete MS43 - EWS Delete + DME MS43 - EWS Delete - California Customers MS43 - EWS Delete + DME - California Customers. At least not as popular as an ms43 tune. MSS52 E39 M5 – $49. Prices are for a complete DME ready to go, we offer a $120 core refund for any working flashable MS43 DME returned after purchase (contact us for details) For any non standard requests such as non original injectors or different rev limit requirements, don't This thread will track all the updates to the definitions file for the MS43. 0i,Series 5 (E39) 2. 1 meant that amateur enthusiasts could fuel inject their car and learn to perform engine tuning correctly. BMW M54B30 engine reliability, problems and repair. exe and EOBD1260. Set up order: Bimmer Editor • Bosch 413 • Bosch 506 • Bosch ME7. About Burble Bmw Tune . 8. 5L and 3. DTCs description in DME MS43. Carbon Fiber exhaust tips featuring swivel attachment for maximum adjustability. IMPORTANT BEFORE BUYING: Only use Galletto 1260 if you wish to load it's preloaded optimized car map to your car. With all of the support on MS43 being readily available now, the software side of things have been well covered. 6 can be downloaded from our software library for free. 49 DME Control Unit or Torque Monitoring Level 2 (MS43) 50 EVAP Control Valve or Response Monitoring Level 2 (MS43) 51 Shut-off Valve -Charcoal Filter or Request Control Unit Reset (MS43) 52 Solenoid Valve -Exhaust Flap. Free Account. AU $193. Car is a 2005 ADM WRX Mods 3in TBE High flow Cat Silicone Y pipe 1. Car is a 2005 ADM WRX Mods 3in TBE High flow Cat Silicone Y pipe REMOTE TUNE (MS42/MS43) from 180. ) Stage 1 is our performance tune on a stock vehicle. Call us. Very easy and completely free. Now with cheap $30 galletto tool you can flash tune your MS43 equipped bmw. 0 uses the same narrowband oxygen sensors as MS43, so you will not need to replace your oxygen sensors with a Remove ECU from car. Regular price. The ECU no longer looks for the signals from the rest of the EWS system. Upgraded Water Pump for M54 - Up to 20% flow increase for improved cooling, with a stainless steel impeller and heavy duty bearing. Request definitions, discuss parameters, etc. Free to use. 5" Swivel Inlet / 3. Power with a good exhaust setup, tune is likely in the About Tune M54 . 238k. 3L 2. Możecie wtedy modzić do woli bez obawy o sumy. If you want a very good tune for that setup, contact this guy: Hobbit382@yahoo. exe are the most frequent filenames for this program's installer. Download your tuning file in less than 60 minutes. July 7 ·. JAGae35468; SR 8606271239 2)Under certain circumstances, the answer parsing function may try to read data past the end of buffer. virginize dme service ms42 ms43 m5 2 1 m7 2 and more. Notify me when this With the Spec E46 tune there is an option to remove the EWS requirement from the MS43 ECU. ago. Burble tune wrx Seller: n1ksonaaa ️ (110) 100%, Location: Tbilisi, GE, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item: 144413150686 BMW E46,E39,E53 M54 Performance Tuned ECU DME MS43 7000RPM EWS OFF(DME Included). 0i. . ISTA D / ISTA P SOFTWARE (Latest Version Provided via Download) FULL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDES PROVIDED. STEP 3. Remote Tuning. motor mechanic. Signal to ignition coils is. Connect power to ECU. 6-cylinder BMW S52 based on M52 US, which cylinder block is cast-iron. Short intro on how to modify your Siemens MS43 DME from your BMW using TunerPro and our definition file. The system also includes full diagnostic and code clearing capability. 4 Lambda Sensor Heater Post Cat Bank 2. If you don´t know what your are doing, don´t do any changes to the ecu! Read some literature on tuning ecu´s before messing around with it. As your softwareversion is MS430066, C_CONF_CAT is located at 0x0B21. 6DFC 1996 EL XR8 manual HO 5ltr 6DFD 1998 EL XR8 Manual HO 5ltr (Explorer Intake) 6DGC 1996 NL Fairlane Ghia auto HO 5ltr 6DGD 1997 EL Fairmont Ghia auto HO 5ltr. Powergate 3 is: $259 Powegate 3 Slave (what you use to extract and save your bin file also write to your MS45 through OBDII Port) $199 Powergate 3 Decoder (decrypt/encrypt bin Expect +15whp gains with the performance tune. Over 80 revisions and 20,000KMs of testing and abuse, you can be 100% confident in the Remote tuning services for vehicles from 1999-2003 (MS42/MS43 Only). No additional programming is required. Model codes: (E31 8 series, E36 3 series, E38 7 series, E39 5 series) 1 Activation -Solenoid Valve, Leakage Diagnosis Pump. After a successful tune, we verify the data health and make sure the module will be plug & play into your vehicle. 205b 99. MSS50 E36 M3 Evo- $49. E46 tune, E39 tune, E53 tune, E83 tune. Engine MS43 M43 (DME) Sensors commands ^. Galletto 1260 1. This listing is for MS43 ECU, which includes:Tuned BMW Siemens MS43 5WK90012 430056. K To get your 2004 BMW 325i MS43 ECU tested, follow these simple steps: Mail us your current EWS, DME and Key . MS43 ECU controls the fuel pump relay by grounding terminal 85. Made of 1080 High Carbon Steel. We repair your ECU / DME. Description Additional information Description. last air of bmw with bytetuner, I make you by my experience. Items: » MS41 (1 file(s)) » MS42 (1 file(s)) » MS43 (7 file(s)) » MS45 (5 file(s)) » MSD80 (1 file(s)) » MSS50 (3 file(s Siemens MS43 Immo Off Tutorial 430037, 430056, 430066, 430069. The file you are comparing is pretty shitty. BOOTMOD3 S55 Flash Tune - F80 M3 / M4 For the - BMW F80 F82 M3 / M4 / M2 COMPETITION Worlds First custom flash tuning platform for the BMW F series. rar BMW X5 3. Connect your INPA cable UNDER THE HOOD 20 PIN CONNECTOR and turn key to position 2. Op · 5 yr. Click to expand Tap to zoom BMW MS42 MS43 E46 E39 Z3 X5 RPM MOTORSPORT TUNE The Siemens MS43 was originally installed in the BMW E46 325i, 330i, E39 525i, 530i, and E53 X5 3. 00 $67. With both MS42/MS43 you will have to figure out a proper throttle position sensor signal for ITB. 2 • Siemens MS41 • Siemens MS42 • Siemens MS43 Datalogging your vehicle is completely harmless and is one of the most essential tools in modern ECU tuning. 95. I have an MS43 ECU with EWS delete and harness sitting in my garage because I’d become frustrated with MS45. Its specifically designed to work with Siemens MS43 in Softwareversion 430066! Do not try to work with it with different Softwareversions (430037, 430055, 430056 and 430069) as it will just be a big mess! I´ll eventually work on that topic later, but it takes some time. Virginizing MS43 DME's to align with our existing EWS is an option (as well as eliminating the EWS altogether). This engine is a very popular representative of M54 series which also includes M54B22, M54B30 and S54B32 motors. compatible models: e46 323, 325, 328, 330 z3 2. If it is what TunerPro The software used to make changes to (tune) the binary files J3 Chip The chip used to override the factory calibration with one of your choice, installed on the J3 service port on the bottom of the EEC. 4 (exe) BMW E6x M5/M6 Binary Modification Tool – Build 1. About tune M54 . Compatible models include E46 320i/ci, 325i/ci, 330i/ci, E39 525i/530i, E53 X5 3. The MHD Flasher reveals the immense margin of power BMW left on the table with the N54 while still retaining the sophistication of the original engine management program. Fixed issue where patches aren't applied if base data is specified for a patch entry, and there is a global offset applied in the XDF header. 00 N4MS4330 91 7000 E46 323/328i/Ci/iT (M52TU engine, MS42 engine management) E46 325/330i/Ci/iT/xi (M54 engine, MS43 or MS45 engine management) M/A M54 01-2/03 N 349. 0281013050. Go to Google Drive Let’s get started. MS43 Performance ECU Tune! MS43 equipped BMW E46, BMW E39, BMW X5, BMW X3 with M54 Engines! When we are done, you'll have a MS43 car with OEM+ like drivability and clean, safe, FULL power on demand. BMW E46 E39 E53 MS43 ECU DME EWS Delete M54B25 2. message, simply charm assured, that you are. Select options. 150hp-bdm-m58bw016xb-org (1). $265. It has the same aluminum cylinder block with cast iron sleeves, new cast iron crankshaft with 89. I recommend getting tuned by Chaos Chalibrations (Daniel Cleverzz). Engines: M52 - M52TU - M54. Connect power to ECU. 2001: Volute spring General module control unit Brake light switch Light switching centre control unit Clutch switch module: 10: 5: Instrument cluster control unit: 11: 5 Failing Water Pump and Thermostat Symptoms: Coolant leaks. Znam temat ms43 dość dobrze i jak coś potrzebujecie to pytajcie. Cheva 350 Turbo (2430cc E85) Daihatsu 1KRVET. Any future ESS software updates can be received by email and loaded directly to the car. DESCRIPTION ★ Plug n' Drive ★ Updated ★ Next Day Shipping ★ 1 Year Warranty ★ ★ 30 Day Returns ★ 30 Day Technical Support ★ Remanufactured Plug n' View full details. Discuss Bosch (Porsche, BMW, Volvo, etc) tuning topics here. 3 out of 5 stars 3,902 ratings. 5" Carbon Fiber - Pair. Chiptuning auto. Read More. An icon, when present, gives a graphical description of the potential hazard. 0 E39 5 1. Don't touch any button except the 'm' button - the button you use to tune the radio frequency manually. ) Showing how my 340i sounds like with this custom setup. 0 TFSI Bosch MED9. There are hints online that MS42 *might* be able to accept mechanical TPS better. Genuine BMW part #12517513554. SIEMENS BMW MS45/MS45. Late model 6 speed automatic transmission tunes. Modern computer-controlled engines use a variety of methods to calculate intake air volume in order to dispense the proper amount of fuel needed to hit the desired target air-fuel ratio. 00 MS43 ECU Tuning: Supercharger/Turbo Tune - E46 3 Series, E39 5 Series, X3, X5 ms42 ->ms43 more turbo more tune. 8L 3. These are not readily available to my understanding. 2 and M5. ) Stage 3 is a performance tune with catless headers and no rear O2 sensors (For off road use only. BIN files: This is the actual software/maps that the ECU computes data with. This package is for m5x engines running ms43 electronics that have done things at the depth of changing injectors or maf or some other major mod and need log-based tuning. drive away bimmerforums co uk. We are doing MS41, MS42, MS43 tuning for the best price on market. YouTube. Connect any compatible Android device to your car using a MHD CarDumps. 48 likes · 40 talking about this. The first Continue reading MS43 NA stage 2 tune → For all you MS43 guys out there, we did some massive work to help you out with the biggest and most important collection of software and knowledge available. Galletto 1260 user manual files download. zip BMW X3-2006-2. BMW enthusiasts. Click here to download further BMWFlash Mac installation instructions) 2. Engine temperatures are elevated. • Normal type states the hazard. 4 T-Jet 135HP : 261201756: 400825 : 52: 15: tuningfile st1 st2 eco mappack 50+ maps English Change the Speed Sensitive Volume Ratio - E46 Business CD Head Unit: Turn the radio off then on again. rar BMW X3 2. Performance Downpipe for A90 Supra Toyota Decor. BMW DME M5. Crackles and pops are created when an explosion occurs outside the combustion chamber in the exhaust system. Time. Standard tune 244BHP. MS45 E46 330ZHP, E6x 2. Ik the ms43 DMEs have free software to tune with but i was wondering what dme is used for the zhp im afraid itll be the ms45. 2L Supercharged Remanufactured DENSO ECM / Plug n' Drive. Converting your Z4 to this ECU will make it much easier to tune the car for performance applications. Your tuned file will be correct for either ECU as it's based on your original file. 1 0110AD. There is no software EWS currently available for this ECU; however, we do offer “virginized” MS43's. $750 EJ Flex Fuel -Upgraded Turbo. Producer Series Model Modelyear ECU Stg. BOSCH BMW EDC15C4 module – 800 $. Most cars will see a peak improvement of around 10-12hp from this tune. 1954 als G, 29. For those interested in learning to tune their own vehicle learning to datalog and use the Romraider datalogging program is one of the first basic steps before actually modding the ECU's ROM (aka: map). 5" Double Wall, Slant Cut Outlet. Car is a 2005 ADM WRX Mods 3in TBE High flow Cat Silicone Y pipe Bmw xdf files Feel free to use this data if you're using a MAF sensor from one of these vehicles or if you're planning to tune for a bigger MAF sensor. ) 11 Tank Pressure Sensor (EVAP System) or Radiator Outlet Temp (MS43) 16 AirCon Compressor – PWM Signal or Plausibility Intake Air Temp (MS43) 21 VANOS -Electrical Fault or Activation VANOS Inlet Valve The Spec E46 Tune by Epic Motorsports includes specific software calibration for the safety nannies, emissions issues and lights that are unnecessary on a race car. 2085 M52B25. If you are interested in our services, please send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as This is an add-on feature to our tune that gives your vehicle “Burble / Crackle / Pop”. TRM MS43 Swap Tune $ 349. The tool allows modification of files read from the . 00. For sales or tech support click here. 00$ N7M45330 91 7000 incl 330i ZHP 330xi AWD M/A M54 01-06 N 349. I have a 2004 zhp mt and would like to tune it. Hello, Im trying to get some pops out of this e46 325i ms43 ecu. Turn off 4 torx bolts from case and extract mainboard. 021195 as suggested in the A2L, but given how much the rest of it Tuning BMW MS43 software version 430055, 64kb size. Open a table and go to View => Table Properties to read the description of what that table does and how to tune it. • Italic type states the possible consequences of not avoiding the hazard. Not getting much crackle/pop/burble on decel/shift on my 2016 FBO e85 M6. A remote tune includes a scheduled appointment for remote access, to have the car tuned. Search. $500+ (includes tuning/diagnostic hardware). On this website you can find ECU backups from ECU in its original version, named ”ORI files” being the biggest original ECU files database. Its specifically designed to work with Siemens MS43 in Softwareversion 430066! Do not try to work with it with different Softwareversions (430037, 430055, 430056, 430064 and 430069) as it will just be a big mess! It?ll let you have a look at your stock ecu or current tune It can help you understand the logic of your tune/tuner OBTAINING A TUNE FILE, AND BEGINNING TO ALTER THE TUNE: Once you have obtained a cable and the necessary software, and installed everything onto your computer, you are getting close to actually working on the tune. So once you get the software you can buy the modules for all your BMW's and tune them using your own PC. Just gotta get up about 3-4k rpm and burble away in the stage 1 tune. Stage 1 tune +20HP and +24NM 231HP -> 251HP (3. BMW E46 M3 MSS54 tune help! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The Siemens MS43 was originally installed in the BMW E46 The Kassel Performance tune is a great upgrade and allows for up to 12Hp and 11Tq! Recommended fuel is 91 octane. BMW 3 Series Superchargers $4,495. Over 80 revisions and 20,000KMs of testing and abuse, you can be 100% confident in the Get your files in only 4 simple steps! STEP 1. $199 Per DME Module. E46 burble tune diy. E46 M3 & E39 M5. 2. M54 Tuning Stages. 96-99. MS45. MS43 M54b25 naturally aspirated Stage 1 Tune $ 300. Keep in mind that the 1024kg/hr limit is also present in MS45. ECU Accelerator Pedal Reset Procedure Note Timing is critical for this to work! 1. VF Engineering Supercharger Kit - 285hp & 231 Ft-Lbs Torque - E46 325i/Ci M54 2. X. Qty: Availability: Post subject: Help with 2nd tune attempt 05 ADM WRX. Please note our disclaimer. HEX Tuning is designed as a "full flash" tune, meaning the entire data area of the ECU is reprogrammed to create and sustain more power. 7. g smoother gear Feel free to use this data if you're using a MAF sensor from one of these vehicles or if you're planning to tune for a bigger MAF sensor. $17. ipset swap tempset sfs_block. BIM-Tun. Object Moved This document may be found here *dme included* bmw e46 325i 325ci 325xi e39 525i m54 b25 ecu ews delete ms43 BMW MS43 M54B30 And MSB25 ECU DME EWS Off And Stage 1 Tuned BMW MS43 M54B30 3. Hello me it's small a little tuner in France I have seven bmw my. RPM Limit 7000rpm. News. To determine the version you have, open the Our very affordable and very versatile, Simon 2 - available for sale with software or data logger. Galletto 1260 lies within System Utilities, more Post subject: Help with 2nd tune attempt 05 ADM WRX. VCuAl [CIMD6Y] 25 with. I was able to uninstall the app, and when I went to the app store to re-install it, it said that the app Changing ISN in BMW and Mini DDE/DME. This tuning tool is what you have been waiting for You, the end user with the help of the SIMON 2 tool will make the software Extracting the BIN File. REMOTE TUNE (MS45) from 180. pełny flash 512kb z usuniętym ews i wyłączoną sumą kontrolną. BMW S62 NA (VANOS) - MaxxECU V1 and CAN output module. Ms43 maf hack Ms43 maf hack the next part is applying the MAF hack (512k file) and editing the sensor. Some examples of vehicle’s equipped with our “burble mod” Galletto 1260 OBDII ECU Flashing Cable/software lets you connect your car to your computer and through included software - dramatically improve car's performance. TunerPro For tuning BMW's (and others). Here is your original ECU tuning file for the BMW 5 serie 520d 190hp | 2018. 2. Typical stage 2 mods often include: fuel pump upgrades, high flow fuel injectors, induction kit, Sports catalyst & performance exhaust, Fast road cam, Ported and MS43 is present on most M54 powered BMW's 2000-2003, and all xi cars. Connect K-line from white (2pins) socket to ECU. 0. 0 Live data in DME MS43. 0001193125-20-025418. , have transformed a patch of woods near Blymhill Common in the village of Tong, Staffs. rar Bmw X3 30I SIEMENS_MS45_5WK93016. 3 Leakage Diagnosis Pump. 0, DDE4. Normally on a standard motor this tune will net ~10whp peak increase over the standard tune. This will allow for some nice burble and loud pops on deceleration. Crack download. MSS54 E46 M3 – $49. Page of 1. yBLof [VTSGAO] 2021 ж. Put “+12V” and “-” to your black (2 pins) socket connected to galletto 1260 cable. TE-PERFORMANCE. 0 LTR AUTO. 99 $ 17. Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $66. Performance tune for F8x M3 / M4 (2015+) Performance tune for F8x M3 / M4 (2015+) from $ 599. ú -ú îút0ú îúx0ú îú\0ú îú îú $îú`0ú ,îú 0îú 4îú 8îú EcuTune. Dash gauges lit. LATEST SP-DATENS. Can somebody help me to delete the two (or one) rear lambda sensors and the second front lambda bank 2 ? Shure, all one needs to do is tweak C_CONF_CAT in the tune section. 2001 (MS42, MS43, MSS54, DDE3. (E34, E36, E38, E46. Add to cart. This is required if you wish to update your BMW’s modules to the latest features a nd enhancements e. Update Dme Software Ms42 M52Tu Winkfp Usb. The Active Autowerke performance software is sold separately from the SIMON 2 tool. 01-05. If the demand is high enough, I can take a look at others as well. ly/216Y45uDiscussion: MS43 ECU Tuning: Rear O2 Delete SAP Delete Tune - E46 3 Series, E39 5 Series, X3, X5 $62. Siemens MS43: 430056, 4300056010000: 7530854 • Post Cat delete • VMAX off 64k OBD Read, Automatic, Tune (98 octane recommended), thermostat 90°C (instead 105°C), Post CAT off, VMAX off, increased RPM. If your car model is included, then only get this with intention to An online server. Fuel: Flywheel: M54: Stage: ECU: Clear: TRM MS43 Swap Tune quantity. Moderators: robertisaar, dex. 5L (2001-2003 MS43 ECU) ADD DOCUMENT Cancel . com. MS43 uses 2 position sensors, one direct 0-5V and one inverse 5-0V, at the same time to calculate TPS. 2006-2009 Range Rover L322 (LM) V8-4. He currently has several other tunes including some v8 models. 5L 2. Download links: http://bit. VF-Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW 3 series (non-M) model years 1992 to 1998 to improve throttle response and mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. 2 sensor, IGBT drivers and accessories Included external ignition modules (IGBT) to ensure a powerfull ignition spark Support for up to 6 EGT TYPE-K sensors directly into wiring harness. Lots of time goes into stuff like this. This ecus are found on 6 cylinder BMW E36, E36/7, E39, E38, E46, E53. The question of MAFS -less tuning is again popping up, so we thought we would take a moment to describe the benefits and drawbacks of running the tune this way. 00; MSS54 / MSS54HP Full CSL Hardware/Firmware Conversion MHD Flasher is the first Android handheld application to bring ECU tuning and monitoring to the BMW N54 engine. Replied on August 14, 2015. BMW S65 (VANOS) BMW S65 DCT VANOS 430Rwhp E78 - MaxxECU PRO. 2069 This includes packages for Trionic 5, Trionic 7, and Trionic 8 based vehicles. Turn off 4 torx bolts from case and extract the mainboad. Dodge Hemi 5. But this ms41 wiki. There are no cons if you disable the COT and the post cat o2 sensor test/codes. Baseline tunes for specific applications. £ 184. andy s car adventures dme ecu reprogramming tune update. Engines: BMW M44, M62, M72 petrol engine fault codes. Recently Galletto 1260 ECU Chip tuning software newly released, and OBDTool provide free download this. The M54b30 drives silky smooth, with ample torque available throughout the RPM range. 2 Activation -Solenoid Valve, Fuel System Changeover. Review the Sample Datalogs for your platform before purchasing a license as not every platform supports the same data and the licenses are non-refundable once issued. Our company is EcuTune. DME version MS43; Complaint. Will list flash tune options for the following DME models E46, E39, E53 Non-M. by JRperformance » Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:54 am. 1996-1998 Ford 5 Litre Falcons & Fairlanes. Reinstall your ECU. Note: If you use the K-line pin. 1 MS430056. zip BMW X3 2. We can't tell you how many times we have seen poorly executed calibrations from even name brand companies. Stock rev limiter is kept on all tunes unless otherwise requested. BMW M52TU and M54 petrol engine fault codes. The fan will be loud! M54 Replacement Water Pump. 0D 150cv 1037377736. This includes 3 completed revisions, each of which can be as many as 10 edits. Most modern vehicles have what is called a four-stroke engine, meaning that the piston I have to reset my adaptations once I flash the Euro2 tune, though. REMOTE TUNE (ME7. MS3Pro is our top of the line Engine Management System — It features up to 12 fuel channels, 8 ignition channels, and a massive amount of I/O, in a rugged, splashproof case, with AMPSEAL connectors that will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it. At this time, no custom modifications are available. Description; Parts List; VF-Engineering chose to supercharge the BMW 5 series, 6 cylinder models to improve throttle response and mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. All Time Today 6MT - Karbonius CSL Airbox - MSS54HP Conversion - Kassel MAP - SSV1 - HJS - PCS Tune - Beisan - AutoSolutions - Vibra-Technics - CMP - VinceBar - Koni - Eibach - BlueBus - Journal - Instagram. 8L). Stage 2 is a performance tune for catless headers. Thanks Given: 9 Thanks Received: 2 (2 Posts) Posts: 43 Threads: 22 Joined: Aug 2020 1 09-19-2020, 03:34 AM . Here is an overview of community made files for the MS42 and MS43. This process tells the DME to which car it will installed in and how it should manage the engine performance while the car is working. HPTuners For tuning GM, Ford, and Dodge vehicles. This is a 1 man team located in Customized tuning for M54 powered BMWs on Siemens MS43 DME. Gila Springs Place #4-6 Chandler, AZ 85226 United States of America. Siemens MS43 ECU Turbo MAF Custom TuneYou will get Base map as starting point with further fine tuning. Click to expand Removing post-cat o2 sensors and driving the car will not deplete 30% of it's power, and will not go into any type of safe-mode. Hayskill MC43 Carburetor with Repower Tune-Up Kit for Earthquake Ardisam E43 Auger 300486 11334 43CC 51. The ECU has had the EWS disabled / removed and is completely plug and play. 55 Lambda Sensor Heater -Bank 2. Mod-Files. Drecon Location Offline Junior Member Reputation: 1. This old tune was done on v66. Additionally, having dyno proven results and many happy customers should speak for itself. 7CC 2 Cycle Carb MC43CE MC43E MC43ECE MC43RCE Tiller/Cultivator Parts. 5 out of 5 stars 178. First of all, you need to remove ECU from car. Typical stage 1 mods often include: Panel air filters, Fast road camshaft, Remaps/piggy back ECU, Intake headers, drilled & smoothed airbox, Sports exhaust manifold. BimmerEditor is software to tune engine control firmware in BMW cars. I have made a good power upgrade software for the BMW ECU's MS42 and MS43 dyno test +22hp +30Nm 325i/328i/330i also for the M3 MSS60 4. com is tracked by us since November, 2017. We want you to be able to tune your MS43 based on our software and knowledge, which we gathered in uncountable hours behind the computer screen and on the dyno making impressive mods 👍 ATTENTION! This listing is for the Tuning SERVICE OF YOUR MS43 DME ONLY! Read description carefully! You must ship your MS43 module to ECU Team for service. 00; E36 S54 Technica Motorsports Drop in Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump Kit $ 190. The descriptions are updated to Normally on a standard motor this tune will net ~10whp peak increase over the standard tune. Feel free to email us with any questions you have! ms43 turbo. Galletto 1260 DIY remap. 1 module – 1500$. Some E46 models had the MS45. 0D 110kw 0281014176 383755. (DATA FILES)- £7. About Ms43 Dme . iam bussy to make a good tune up to 465hp RomRaider MS4X - MS41/MS42/MS43 ECU tuning BMW E36/E39/E38/E46 has 1,328 members. Siemens MS41. Reassemble your MS42 ECU and reconnect ALL plugs. Wolf V550 PC Software Serial Version. RK-Tunes Remove Before Flight Keychain $ 10. Short boot pin to GND. com Auto ECU Programmer, Galletto 1260. 5, 2. I was about three days away from making the switch before someone showed me the intake manifold tables, which I was able to use to tune the car and iron out all the issues. July 28, 2015 www. Upload your original files for tuning. Plug in your D-CAN FTDI cable to your Windows laptop and car. (If you are using a Mac laptop, you may run into an Apple Security message. EWS, O2, SAP DELETE. I wanted to try uninstalling it and re-installing the app but that wouldn't work either. TisDrew. Includes support for chipped ECU's. MS43. Buy. It was released in the E53 X5 and is the replacement for the M52 engine. Post. 48 DME Control Unit -Self Test 1. 13. n52 burble tune. This option also comes with more support than the DET3+. 5L 525 325 X5 *DME INCLUDED. 2) from 150. Siemens DME MS43. Tune: EWS Delete: Vehicle Speed Signal Delete: Top Speed Delete: SAP Delete Rear O2 Delete: Catalytic Converter Delete: Clear: M54 BMW MS43 ECU Tuning quantity. Changing Flash Software May Invalidate The License. Category Entertainment. Fixed issue in compare tool where XDF item names weren't being displayed when an address matches a defined item. YOU NEED THE FULL 512KB BINARY FOR THIS, CALIBRATION OR TUNE FILE WILL NOT WORK! This modification works for software versions 430037, 430056, 430066 & 430069. 00$ N4MK4330 91 7000 anti-knock software for poor fuel quality M/A M54 3/03-06 N 349. You can choose between testing service Free to use. (For off road use only. Create your own ZIPtuning account here. BMW This is a tuning software package for deeper na builds. Notify me when this r/BMW. Use one of the id_maf_tab tables to edit MAF sensor scale. + Quick Shop. 4 we use TunerPro RT, a powerful (and free) platform for use with various automotive tuning applications. 0d. SKU: 030-432 Categories: E39, E46, Performance ECU Software, X5 E53. Because your software was updated, so BMW locked your 2019 ecu. Read Book E46 M3 Ecu Removal Products Active Autowerke FROM EVERY COMPUTER AEM Infinity Series ECU BMW E46 M3 Features 30-7105 30-7109 BMW E46 \u0026 E83 DME/ECU The MS43 tuning they are doing over at e46fanatics is pretty amazing. ISTA+ / P - £14. M54B30 Engine (2979cc) Stock Power 231BHP. They put a lot of effort into delivering a quality product and don't cut corners. TunerPro needs 3 main file types to work with in order to make a start tuning and logging, these are: . View and download the user manual for your McCulloch product. Sale. by nadirsk1 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:25 pm. EWS Removed. Posts; Latest Activity; Photos . Short boot pin to GND. 0i - EWS Delete - M54 - MS43. Mustang S550 GT G4-95 10PK Tuner Kit (Wholesale Direct) MSRP: Now: $7,495. 95 – $ 449. 8, 3. Download and extract BMWFlash. Kod silnika: N55. Maintaining the the original BMW quality, smoothness and reliability were the key factors in the VF design. The X version is for Mac OS X. 00$ N4MSS54 91 8100 Siemens. 3916 level 2.

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